Connecting with your ancestors is a healing process. 

A practice that can assist one with clearing generational trauma and accessing generational gifts.

Holistic care

Treatment Énergétique

Massage en Polarité Humaine







Madame G « Eltagigi »

I'm sure if you follow me, you're probably aware by now that I'm an avid follower of the benefits of herbs , Crystals 🪴 Ayurveda. I was born a shaman, a spiritual being. It may sound a bit strange but I was initiated by my grandmother. So I don't know life without magic.

She taught me to develop what is innate, then I moved to the Thousand Islands where I started my work with Sonia Nadia Heynes, she was my first mentor and the one who developed my gift :

Then In Gatineau I received instructions from  my second  mentor in integral bio-kine, Louise Laplante , thought me real magic and technical Efttapping, Hopponono

J'ai également accumulés des connaissances de l'Institut de naturopathie du Québec. 

En alimentation saine, soins ayurvédiques, soins et massages en polarité  

 humaine.. je suis formée pour vous accompagner dans ces moments de vie où votre foi a besoin de s'imprégner de la réalité des fondamentaux humains.


Je suis là !

Today I offer consultation  that start at 60$ CAN. I accompany people in the difficult sites of life with care to balance the vital energy at point 0. 

While bathing ,and soaking your feet, Baptizing  are forms of physical water therapy, these types of water méditation  are for healing and cleansing the thoughts. 

When you engage in méditation  bathing practices, you are participating in an initiation to open yourself . 

It suggests that you are willingly to listen to yourself and begin to trust something in you , outside of your rational mind will allowed you. 

.•. Understanding the root in certain of your ways. 

Throughout the ages, the Higher Self has been given many names: Inner Self, Soul, Christ consciousness, Beloved, Buddha nature, and Spirit. Regardless of what we call this fundamental inner core, it is our deepest and most divine essence.

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for stress and anger management, I can help you feed these untold thoughts. 

It’s mystical & Magic , but it requires FAITH . 


 in higher power, FAITH in you, 

La FOI en Un être suprême 

Durant une session je vais vous mettre en ligne direct avec un animal ou une plante , nous allons utiliser la nature pour expliquer votre comportement au jour le jour. 

Denomination, nous allons vous définir , quoi de mieux que d’être stratégique pour éviter les malheureux incident du future. 

Puis nous allons mettre une recette , avec huiles essentiel , plante , crystals , 

Pour vous accompagner à vous guerrier vous même. 

«durant un accouchement ,la femme est le vaisseau , La femme sage est l’accompagnateur, Le bébé est le travail,

 Le changement est le résulta. »

Je serais là pour le travail et après pour le résultat , 

Mon être de lumière est ouvert d’esprit, généreux de sont temps, affectueux par ses apparition. Protecteur. 

Je ne mettrai personne en contact direct avec lui , simplement parce que ses une énergie personnel est unique.  Il choisira lui même d’intervenir ou pas il désirera le comment. 



avoid drugs and alcohol 48 hours before, 

Hydrotherapy require  a lot of energy

Français :

En renforçant l’énergie du corps et le lien corps-esprit, cette thérapie prétend tirer profit des forces naturelles d’autoguérison présentes dans tout être humain.

si vous avez de nouveaux projets à mettre en place. vous aimeriez être accompagné d'une énergie positive. 

C’est finalement  a  votre tour.

J’offre cette accompagnement.

English :

This bathing aims to harmonize the vital energy in the body to preserve or improve health. By strengthening the body's energy and thought,

the accompaniment of a ritual bath to boost one's energy, to help meditate and reorganize one's thoughts.

a ritual bath, that gives a renewal in our life By drawing the energy of the body and the body-mind connection, this therapy takes advantage of the natural self-healing forces present in all human beings.

I’m here to help you 


For those of you who are new to my journey, my grandmother was a radical, a rebel, a true high priestess and occultist. She identified as a medium and was extremely gifted in her abilities. Her death date is a living memorial; a reminder of our sacred connection, which exists beyond human constructs. I feel her presence daily.

I enjoy and I do a lot of subliminal crafting. That being said, I thought I'd share this for anyone that it might be useful to.

I do charms, to attract money, to attract love, to attract peace.

I write incantations for private ceremonies, for spiritual ceremonies, life stages, marriage, death, pregnancy, reprogramming pass and futur trauma. 


Invocation, to obtain immigration

I accompany in mystical invocation.

I educate in the maintenance of the cultural good. I share social, psychological and general knowledge.

I am reliable and Ethical price start  at 60$ and  take Donations. 

Your Divine Self is wise; it knows all, and is always showing you an easier, better, more joyful way to live.

metaphysical shop dedicated to spiritual, witchy, and acné Solutions 

Consultation virtuelle 

60$ / 2 online appoint x 30 min 

Appointment 125$/  45 min 

Private studio 

Acné solutions 145$ / 8 appointment & products 

Vente Final NO REFUND.



🍀 Loreily Luck and opportunity Bath & Massage: 

For new beginning and opening doors

For You , the hustler type

improve and enhance one’s fortune and prosperity, ( otafuku)

Build an Énergétic and Fortunate feeling

Lucky charms  inclu: 

@ Warm spice Tea  brew with almond milk 

@ Warm night massage oil 

@ Large Himalayan Salt 

@ 3 pouch’s & herbal bath salt 

@ Parfum 

@ Invocations EFT Tapping 

@ lucky # 

Best during  Shamahin & Moon phase 


♥️ Love Roses Bath with Honey 

For love and sensuality in the couple

Built communication with intimacy

For the passionate person 

Bring love in your couple 

Include technic massage

@ 7 Crystals 

@ Sensual warm oil massage

@ 7 Tea cup 

@ 7 bath salts with pouch’s 

@ technique practice 

@ ribbons 

@ ring 

Cycle # 

Beautiful magical moment 

bridal parties for 2 in a box 

Iced Latte

🔨 Hard work and Strength cool muscle massage oil

For parenting and new obligations

For the exhausted person

Include Stone & candles , dr Stone training

Beautiful relaxing & meditating moment

 Anticipate to be hard-working and motivated with kind and personable natures.

 The number of benefits to meditation are massive. You’ve heard them all by now I’m sure:

Stress reduction

Lower blood pressure

Reduction in negative emotions

Better relationships

\Developed intuition

Better nervous system function

Better ability to handle high-pressure situations

With your order you’ll receive 

Herbal Bath  & herbal Brew Tea & Candles 

The massage  is done Virtually 

With the element of water & sounds 

Technique hoponopono , EFT tapping, 

It’s magical